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 1. 「Ulead Video Studion 11 Plus」簡単で強力なビデオ編集 + DVDオーサリング

 2. 「Ulead Video Studion 11 Plus」ビデオ編集とDVDオーサリングを簡単に




editing6.jpgHave you thought about your video story? Or at least do you have any idea what elements you need to create a movie? Or do you have a theme to follow? When producing a story, keep in mind the 5W’s- Who, Why, What, When, and Where. These ingredients should be present at all times. It will help you fill up the main body of your story or the plot. In professional video production, they call this as “storyboard”.  When making one, be certain that you  understand what you are trying to convey. If you cannot appreciate it, no one else will.  

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